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Submitted on
October 7, 2012
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Slender Love.

Chapter 1: A fated meeting.

Was it fate that brought us together? Were we destined to meet that faithful day? I don't know. I doubt I ever will. All I know is that destiny, luck, fate, none of them matter because they wouldn't change the fact that I love you.

~* 3 years before  - Slendys' POV *~

I was only thirteen when the bullying started. At first it was the name calling; Blankey, Tie – boy, horror-game-reject. Then it was the pushing and shoving. After that people stole my drawings and started  pinning them up round the local forest (The drawings themselves aren't very good but that's beside the point). My brother always stood up for me – He himself wasn't bullied because he looked fabulous (only he could wear a purple suit in public and still look cool). Unfortunately, Trendy could only protect me while he was around. I thought that nothing good could come from this bullying. I was wrong…
I remember the day I met (Name) like it was yesterday. It was in the afternoon and I was walking home from school, when I was suddenly ambushed by a load of tough looking high school dropouts. In their hands they held sharp and heavy looking rocks; I don't think I need to say what happened next. Scared, bruised and battered, I decided to run into the local forest. Eventually, they stopped following me and I slumped down onto a tree trunk in a grassy clearing.
Why am I like this? Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Why does it hurt so much?
Tears started to well in my non-existent eyes when I realised that I wasn't alone in the clearing. Sitting across from me was a girl. She looked around the same age as me with (Colour) hair tied back into plaits. Her (colour) eyes stared at me intently and, oddly enough, without fear.
"So you're lonely too, huh?" A gentle breeze blew a few strands of loose hair across her face.
I nodded. Slowly, she got up and sat next to me.
"Then we should be lonely together. It's much more enjoyable. I'm (Name)." She stuck her hand out to me and smiled.
I was confused to say the least. Why was she being nice to me? Perhaps she's an outsider, too…
Gently, I took her hand in mine. (Name) smiled even more.  It's around this time that I'd liked to say that we talked and talked all afternoon, walked home in the sunset and realised that from that day on, we would be as thick as thieves. Part of that is true – We did walk home in the sunset and from that day forward we were best friends but we didn't talk all afternoon. We couldn't. As well as being born with tentacles for hands I also had no eyes, no nose and no mouth. Instead we simply sat there in each others'  company.  Still, I enjoyed it; The only people who were really comfortable around me were my family so it was really nice to finally meet someone who didn't recoil at the sight of me.  

~* Trippy Time-Travel-Time! *~

"So I'll see you tomorrow at school, kay?" (Name) asked me.
In response I nodded. Again, She Smiled.
"Great, Goodbye then!" And with that she waved and walked home. I didn't stop looking at her until she turned the corner. A light blush arose to my non-existent cheeks; I was going to enjoy hanging out with such a sweet girl.

~* Trippy Time Travel To The Present! *~

*Narrator time! *

You sighed for the tenth time that day. You really couldn't get him of your mind. Slender.  You've had the hots for the tall and silent boy ever since the day you met him. But, of course, he could never love you back; Not in a million years – Why would he? You were just the loner he hung out with because he felt sorry for you.

Slender pretended to sigh for the tenth time that day. He really couldn't get her of his mind.(Name). He's crushed on the sweet and gentle girl ever since the day they met. But, of course, she could never love him back; Not in a million years – Why would she? He was just the monster that she hung out with because she pitied him.

~*New character time! *~

Justin watched the creepy-ass monster hang out with (Name). Sexy (Name). It disgusted Justin – How could  (Name) hang out with that thing? Well, no matter. (Name) would be dating Justin (amongst other "things")by the school dance and no one was going to stop him – Especially not that monster.
Well I finally did it! My Slender Man X Reader story! I hope you enjoy it~
Comments are always welcome! :3
(P.S - I found the preview image on google images.)
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this is weird... my boyfriends name is Justin. this should be interesting.
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